Broome County Music Educators Association


(From the BCMEA Constitution and By-Laws)

A culture can be evaluated by the degree to which society develops the potential for artistic literacy in each individual.

Access to music and the arts and the acquisition of artistic values is the right of all. We believe in the establishment of that right with the added assertion that a cultivation of musical literacy can lead the way to an informed exercise of value judgements.

A philosophy of artistic (musical) literacy for every child has broad implications:

It means:
  • that schools support instruction in the arts by programming adequate time in the core curriculum.
  • that teachers employ concepts of teaching which stimulate the emotions, challenge the intellect and develop the very basis of what is unique in each child - his creativity.
  • We believe then that:
    1. The purpose of the Broome County Music Educators Association shall be to implement those concepts which will advance the standards and growth of music education and the cause of artistic literacy

    Last Update September 23, 2004